What comes after

Łódź, the third biggest city in Poland, in number of inhabitants, is today a post-industrial city. In the turn of the 19 to the 20th century it was the central hub of the eastern european textile industry. A city designed by the 19th century capitalism and the 20th century socialism. A city made of huge factories, large housing buildings for the factory workers and beautiful palaces. In  the pos-war, and during socialist Poland, the city was forgotten, the investments required for its renovation did not arrive, which led to its deterioration and the annihilation of its industry.

Since 1989, with the fall of the Berlin wall, Łódź went through successive economical changes changes, and became a center for technology and art, a city opened to globalisation and modernisation, in the search for a new identity. The numerous industrial hubs are being transformed in mega architectural structures for housing, commerce and culture, such as Manufaktura, Księży Młyn and Off Piotrkowska.

These images were shot in June 2015 and convey the changes occurring in Łódź.


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